School Graden

Apr 26, 2021

The Shellybanks Community Garden took root over spring break with over 100 seedlings, bulbs and plants donated by school families. The garden includes a colourful flower bed featuring primrose and violets, among others; a rockery with sedum and heather; a fragrant herb garden featuring thyme, chives, mint and lemon balm (a crowd favourite!) and more; and an emerging fruit and vegetable area that includes strawberries, cabbage, raspberries and rhubarb.

Dream catchers were donated by a community artist and rocks painted by the children during lockdown were repurposed to add colour and positive vibes to the space. A rainwater collection system is being installed and DIY watering cans are available for the children to care for their plants as needed.

Recognising this new prime real estate in the heart of Sandymount Village, local fairies were quick to move in, creating a magical neighbourhood amongst the greenery. (We’ve been told that the fairies moved in next to plants that bear their names—Rosemary, Heather and Daisy.) The fairies also built bug hotels to welcome their six-legged and winged friends to help with pollinating duties.

Over the coming months, the children will enjoy learning about biodiversity, growing their own food and the responsibility of caring for a garden. We look forward to seeing how the garden, and children, grow!

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