Structure of the PTA


PTA working committee

All of our parents/guardians are members of the PTA. The PTA working committee is a group of parents/guardians elected annually at the annual general meeting (AGM), elected annually at the annual general meeting (AGM), typically held in October. It meets at least monthly, to work on behalf of all parents/guardians and together with the principal, teachers and BoM, to develop and implement a plan of activities that meet our objectives and to support the aims and objectives of the school (see here for more details on the role of the working committee and its officers). The working committee also includes one parent representative from the BoM and one teacher representative. In addition to the AGM, the committee holds open meetings that can be attended by all parent/guardians, we maintain these web pages and issue bulletin points in the monthly school newsletters.

Current PTA Committee Members

  • Chair: Linda Coote
  • Secretary: Nora Grenager
  • Treasurer: Ciara Harnett
  • Communications: Ciara Harnett
  • Events Officer: Anna Kuznetsova
  • Fundraising Liaison: Niveen El Far
  • Class Representative Liaison: Linda Coote
  • BOM Representative: Darragh Hogan
  • Teacher Representative: Fionnuala Keegan & Michael Twomey
  • Members at Large: Tom Claassen, Adi Gilad, Neda Jamali, Nevena Kostic & Ratha Tep

Class representative sub-committee

One parent representative per class is elected annually at the AGM to be a communication link between parents/guardians and the PTA working committee. They ensure that parent/guardian suggestions are relayed to the PTA working committee. The class reps also coordinate volunteers to support our activities. Click here for a description of the role of the class representatives.

Current Class Representatives:

  • Autism Class (Aileen): Alison McGinley
  • Junior infants A (Fionnuala): Adi Gilad
  • Junior infants B (Rebecca): Ciara Harnett
  • Senior infants A (Niamh): Aoife Olsson
  • Senior infants B (Laoibhse): Antonia Willis & Gracia Martínez
  • First A (Michael): Ciara Harnett
  • First B (Niall): Tomer Tal
  • Second A (Caoimhe): Charlotte Losert
  • Second B (Marianne): Joseph Waldman
  • Third A (Lisa): Rasha Sawaya
  • Third B (Maria): Rubén López
  • Fourth (Fiona): Linda Coote
  • Fifth A (Róisín): Claire Tolan
  • Fifth B (Conor): Berke Serbetci Hamza
  • Sixth A (Beccy): Patricia Keane
  • Sixth B (Jamie): Lesley Hughes
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