PTA Funding and Events

The PTA undertakes a program of fundraising events and initiatives annually to fund school resources and activities. The PTA fundraising prioritize spends chosen in consultation with the principal and BoM. If you wish to make any particular suggestions, please contact us.

Our bottom-line target is to ensure that at least 90% of funds raised by the PTA each year will be directly allocated to resources or activities for the Shellybanks children. In advance of each AGM, we will let you know the bottom-line target we actually achieved. Please see the PTA constitution to learn how we ensure transparency on how we spend your money.

Current fundraising objectives

PTA running costs, teacher appreciation and event consumables (‘RE’).

The PTA needs a small amount of funds itself e.g. for insurance and membership of the National Primary Council. We also hope to provide you with a tea or coffee or consumable at one of the many school events once these can go ahead again.

Upcoming fundraising events and initiatives

For the year 2021-2022, we are not able to carry out a full calendar of events due to the COVID restrictions, though the PTA organised the Seasonal Greeting cards campaign which raised some funds. We are hoping to proceed with a more active plan for events when the situation permits.

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