Second Class

Second class is the fourth year in primary school. Children in Second class are aged 7- 9 years old. Second class is the first year of a full school day for the children (8:45-14:25) In Second class, the children partake in 12 subject areas. The children learn in a thematic approach. Children partake in the 3 core subjects every day. For more information on how you can help your child in first class please see some advice from the NCCA.


English Curriculum

Focus on oral language, reading and writing. Children engage in all aspects of the curriculum.

Writing: Focus on conventions of print, grammar and sentence structure, genre writing.

Reading: Focus on fluency, phonics, comprehension strategies and conventions of print.

Oral language: Interlinked in every lesson.


Gaeilge Curriculum

Children engage in daily Gaeilge lessons. Children develop vocabulary based on different topics and focus on orally forming sentences. Children engage in songs, games, poems and stories through Gaeilge.


Maths Curriculum

Children engage in all aspects of the curriculum. Introduction of subtraction, place value, fractions.

Other areas covered: addition, shape and space, measures, data, using patterns.


Suggested books for children in Second class.


Standardised Tests

English-medium schools will be required to implement standardised testing in English reading and Mathematics during the period May/June for all students in 2nd, 4th and 6th classes with effect from 2012 onwards. For more information about the standardised test please refer to this NCCA document.

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