Board of Management

What is the Board of Management (BOM)?

The Board of Management is responsible for the management of the school on behalf of Educate Together (our school’s patron), for the benefit of the students and their parents. The principal is responsible for teaching and learning and the day-to-day management of the school.

What are the responsibilities of the BOM?

  • The Board works closely with the principal to ensure that the primary curriculum is delivered to the school’s pupils in a safe, secure, positive, enriching environment.
  • It consults with the patron on matters of ethos.
  • The Board is responsible for: recruitment of teachers and ancillary staff, for complying with Department of Education and Science rules and regulations on a wide range of matters, for development of the school plan and policies, for routine maintenance of the school facilities and for managing the school finances.

Who is on the BOM?

The Board of Management is made up of two patron nominees, two elected parent representatives, the principal, an elected representative of the teaching staff, and two community representatives. The current Board will be in place until November 2027.

Below you will find a list of the members of the Board (2023-2027) together with their roles:

  • Chairperson: Andrew Maloney
  • Principal and Secretary: Aiveen Carr
  • Teacher Nominee: Conor O’Grady
  • Parent Nominee: Ciara Harnett 
  • Parent Nominee: Adam Hartman
  • Educate Together Nominee: Paula Lehane
  • Community Nominee: Roz Moran
  • Community Nominee: Michael Seaver

How often do the Board meet?

The Board aims to meet about once a month during the school year. You can view the minutes of the most recent meetings here.

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